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Friday, August 12, 2016

10 cities will disappear from existence

Peace be upon you follow the code learn more Today's theme is 10 cities will disappear from existence for reasons of climate and terrain and social will disappear from the presence is distributed in several places of the planet Earth Scientists based on these expectations to study the infrastructure of these cities and vary from one city to another and we will tell you the reasons for the disappearance of all City

1. San Francisco, United States:
San Francisco is a seismically threatened city. It is built on a region where many underground movements have occurred, and some of the most powerful earthquakes in the history of the United States have occurred, and scientists expect a great earthquake to destroy it completely.

2. Detroit, United States:

This city was the most beautiful period during the beginning of the twentieth century, and the center of heavy industries in the United States of America, this city will not disappear for natural reasons, but for demographic reasons, the state turned to modern industries and accurate and the use of the machine led to widespread unemployment and increasing migration rates, , Which prompted the mayor of the city to take a decision to remove about a quarter of its area, and the population in certain neighborhoods.
3. Ivanovo City:
For almost the same reasons, Ivanovo will be transformed from a puppet town to an old city. After a vital center in Soviet times, it focused on the textile sector and some other light industries. As China emerged as a world power, the city faced competition, closed many factories and expelled many workers. , Leading to a near-exodus from Ivanovo towards larger cities such as Moscow, and despite government attempts to promote stability, it did not work.

4. Venice Italy:
The city of love and romance, this beautiful city is drowning day after day by the water spills that decay the foundations of the structure. The governments that followed Italy were aware of the magnitude of the danger and the projects were conspicuous, but none of them were implemented. The magnitude of the disaster is greater than that of an architectural project.
5. Mexico's capital Mexico:
The city is sinking day after day. This city is built on a dry lake and is threatened to collapse at any moment. The foundations are fragile and the water can not be maintained forever. Mexico is drowning at 4 inches each year and for sixty years Last year the city sank about ten meters.

6. Banjul, Gambia:
This city will soon disappear. The Atlantic Ocean is above the surface. Water and wind erosion have eroded parts of this surface. This city faces the same conditions that the lowlands faced years ago. One day we may hear about this city in history books only.
7. Bangkok city in Thailand:
This city is drowning day after day as a result of sea level rise and depletion of groundwater, and many indicators confirm that this city is in great danger, and everyone who thinks to live in this city to calculate a thousand account.

8. Timbuktu Mali:

This city is not threatened with watering like its predecessors, but there is a greater danger of desertification. Every year, the sand crawls tens of kilometers and the small agricultural land and some houses are flooded. Perhaps one day Timbuktu may be just a desert.
9. Naples Italy:
A city that is as beautiful as most Italian cities. Its biggest problem, which may be the reason for its disappearance, is its existence near the Vesuvius volcano, which destroyed the historic city of Pompeii from its entirety in 79 BC. People always believe that their city will have its own city of Pompeii.

10. Alexandria Egypt:
Alexandria is one of the oldest cities in history, the largest seaport in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Alexandria is threatened with drowning in the sea if the level of the Mediterranean Sea rises to about half a meter. According to a group of experts, by 2070 the city will be completely flooded. .