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Monday, July 25, 2016

Learn 8 scientific facts that will stun you

  • When you look at someone you love, the pupil of the eyes expands and they do the same when you look at someone you hate.
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  • The sun is not immortal as some believe it has a lifespan like other stars and it is estimated that it will end 5 billion years later.

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  • Russia's geographical area is larger than that of Pluto and is the smallest planet in the solar system.

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    • For every human being on earth there are 1.6 million ant. If ants were a predatory creature, he could kill us all in a matter of seconds.


    • Stanford University in 2010 conducted a statistical study that proved that when you fall in love, you will certainly lose two of your most cherished friends in return.

    • Applied to scientists If a cloud is weighed in kilograms, its average weight will be 5 tons, equal to the weight of an adult elephant.

    • During each day, the blood in the human body cuts large distances and the distance traveled each day is about 96,000 kilometers, which is the distance that is equivalent to rotating around the entire earth twice.


  • The lungs, if separated on a flat surface, will reach the area of ​​a tennis court together 

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